Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bucketish-List: Revisited

Last June, I wrote the below post about my Bucket List. Since I am about to start the "Summer of E," I thought I'd revisit this list. Happily, I see that I'm actually doing some of it.
1) Rejoin toastmasters.
2) Learn to not fear the kitchen.
5) Start my own consulting company.
7) Go back to school.
10) Do an internship at a totally different company than I'm used to.

For those counting, that's 5 out of 20! 25% in just one year... not bad, right? Plus I added a few things to the list which I've worked on or am working on now. More on that later... but I just thought it would be fun to revisit this. :)

Funny thing... this time last year I just wanted Ironman to be over so I could focus on living a full, well-rounded life again.

I think I took care of that over the past year! However, things are slowing down & I'm getting antsy. (It's what I do!) So, I thought I'd brainstorm a few things that I'd like to do over the next few years. Just put it out there and see what comes of it.... (These are all unrelated to my job & GMW & seeing the world, for the record. Just adding more stuff to my plate!)

1) Become a GOOD public speaker. Rejoin toastmasters. Practice.
2) Learn to cook. Or, more realistically, learn not to fear the kitchen.
3) Keep boxing. And still love it.
4) Write the business plan for my next business. (Goal = next April)
5) Start my own consulting company.
6) Learn Adobe Illustrator.
7) Go back to school.
8) Get scuba certified. Next trip = Belize?
9) Form better relationships with my mentors.
10) Do an internship at a totally different type of company than I'm used to.
11) Become a mentor to others.
12) Learn some carpentry. Be able to fix things myself.
13) Learn how to mosaic.
14) Learn how to landscape.
15) Start playing piano again.
16) Write a book.
17) Write a children's book. (Or series.)
18) Really learn the sport of football... not just a surface level state of knowledge.
19) Win some type of award, like "40 under 40" or "Entrepreneur of the Year" or something like that.
20) Be a recognized "expert" on something. Not sure what, yet... ;)

So, that's a start. :)