Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sydfix: Five Months!

Happy five months, Sydney! You have really transitioned into such a happy girl.  We can't get enough of your smiles and giggles.

We still call you a plethora of nicknames including, but not limited to: Squiddles, Squiddle-bear, Squid-monster, LMSP (Little Miss Squiddle Pants) Your mom's co-workers actually found a purple squid for you! Its legs are super tasty.
You are generally sleeping thru the night, though you often have us get up to put your pacifier back in. I, on the other hand, still get up every 4-5 hours to ensure you have enough food to eat. You still sleep in your Rock'N'Play, but you are slowly transitioning to your crib. And by that, I mean hopefully we remember we put you in your crib for 1 nap per day.
You're doing great with Sam and June. They basically want to be everywhere you are.
Your family loves you so much. You have been able to spend many weekends with your Dallas grandparents.  Your Blanco grandparents come and visit nearly every week. And your Aunt Amy comes to visit whenever she can.  You also have plenty of friends that visit too.

Speaking of being loved, you are very much your Daddy's girl.  The bond between you both is the cutest thing ever. One of my favorite things is watching you trying to find where your dad's voice is coming from.

I try to get in on the action, too!

We try to get you out of the house every day.  If the weather is nice, we take you for a hike on the trails behind the house, or we put out a blanket in the yard.

You also love your exersaucer. (Thanks Aunt Laura!)
It has been such a fun past five months with you, little girl.  Happy fifth month birthday - we love you more and more every day!