Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not so Spicey!

Diane & I ventured into "Latin Spice" at 24 Hour Fitness this afternoon. We knew way before class started that we would be the 2 awkward white chicks in the back of the room. Boy, was that an understatement! This class was hard. Not athletically hard, but hard in that my hips do not move like Shakira. How disappointing!

Anyway, much to our surprise, the last 10 minutes of class were dedicated to dancing with a pole. Yes, that's right. A pole. Um... that part was actually pretty fun(ny)!

So, not a good workout, but a really funny time! I gotta say, I'm not bringing Kerry or Dionn with me to this class as they will show me up big time!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


This is one of those posts that Wiley would ask, "why are you writing all this?" And to him, I reply, "Once I write this stuff down, I can move it from the forefront of my brain; then I can start the new week. And some people may actually be interested!"

I'll say that my weekend started on Thurday - mainly because Thursday night was so much fun. Met up with the group at Chuy's for happy hour, then *finally* made it to Flipnotics to see Southpaw Jones and Matt the Electrician. Those guys were awesome, and I absolutely will go back to see them again. It was also great to spend some time with Mike, Mike & Kenny. :)

I decided to take the weekend rather easy since I've been doing so much stuff lately. So, on Friday night, I came home and read. All night. It was perfect. Saturday morning, after a quick run and breakfast, I read some more. I wanted to do something artsy in the afternoon, so I went to Laguna Gloria to hear Marjorie Moore speak about her work. (I love listening to artists give their thoughts/insights/perspectives about their pieces and art in general.) Then... I read some more. Yummy dinner at Java Noodles, then more reading. I'm happy to say that I finished my book! (more on that shortly)

This morning I woke up very early in order to get my stuff together and meet Maggie downtown at 5:40am. Luckily we were able to hitch a ride to the start of 3M, and even though we got stuck in major traffic, I met up with Shaun and Jeff only a few minutes late. So... 3M. It was interesting, that's for sure. Running with a 9 year old is fun! So many people cheered for him, "go little guy," "go big man," and "you are my hero, buddy." This came from both spectators and racers. Unfortunately for Shaun, he was tired from the get go. We started out at a good pace, but by mile 5 he was hurting. It became my job at this point to motivate him to keep moving, yet not push him farther than his 9 year old body could handle. I'm glad to say that by the end of the race, we made it under his goal of 2:30. And after a lot of walking and slow running over the last 5 miles, the kid pulled out 8:00 minute miles for the last mile. Sheesh!!

After the race, I enjoyed breakfast tacos, and about 6 cups of coffee, at Angie's. (Love that place!) I then drove down south to the gym with plans of swimming, but got a work call and instead ended up in the Arboretum for a few hours. Luckily I was motivated to go swim at the north gym - even though I only went for 30 minutes, I felt great. I wanted to swim forever. But, I had plans tonight and had to get back.

So... anyway, it was a really fun weekend. I spent a lot of "me" time reading, but still managed to make my way all over town (both by car and by foot) anyway.

Now... for the book... "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's amazing. I could write so many things that resonated for me in that book, but I'd essentially have to copy the book into my blog. So, instead, I'll grab a quote from her website that I feel explains a good part of what the book is about. I highly recommend it. (Thank you, P, for giving it to me!)


How well it worked. I found exactly what I was looking for during that year of traveling. In fact, I found more than I’d dared to hope for. Looking back on it now, though, I think that this amazing result was sort of inevitable. I’ve come to believe that there exists in the universe something I call “The Physics of The Quest” – a force of nature governed by laws as real as the laws gravity or momentum. And the rule of Quest Physics maybe goes like this: “If you are brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting (which can be anything from your house to your bitter old resentments) and set out on a truth-seeking journey (either externally or internally), and if you are truly willing to regard everything that happens to you on that journey as a clue, and if you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher, and if you are prepared – most of all – to face (and forgive) some very difficult realities about yourself….then truth will not be withheld from you.” Or so I’ve come to believe. I can’t help but believe it, given my experience.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

What goes around, comes around...

I was searching through some old pictures and came across this one - here is Shaun in 2004 standing on the side of the road when I ran 3M for the first time. He was an excellent little cheerleader. Who would have thought that 4 years later I would return the favor and be his cheerleader as I ran next to him for 13.1 miles?

Pretty cool, huh?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who Knew...

Over the past few months, I have formed friendships with people I otherwise never would have expected to become close to.

Funny how life works out that way. You could be casual acquaintances with someone for nearly four years, but then something clicks and going a day without talking seems crazy.

Personally, some of my closest friends are people I never expected to be friends with. Yet something clicked (be it a drunken pub run, a casual conversation outside an office building, or some goofy mannerism and a shared disgust at a $.25 tip.)

I love my friends. I will do anything for them. In turn, they do anything for me. I like the way that works.

There is one new friend who has helped me out tremendously lately. I never really knew her that well, but she has gone out of her way to make my life easy recently. I don't know what I would do without everything she's done for me. So, thank you girl. I wish the best for you in your new endeavor, however you're always free to come hang out with me if you want!! ;)

So, sorry I'm being vague. I am just feeling very appreciative of the people in my life lately and wanted to share.

Dead Legs

I'm pleased to report that I actually ran today. I'm not so pleased at the fact that my legs felt like tree stumps, firmly planted into the ground, taking every bit of effort to pull them up and move them forward.

Okay, that's perhaps an exaggeration, but I felt super slow and tired today. Scot & I did 5 miles, which included 9 x 200m. It was probably wise to do some attempt at speed before 3M. Moreso, it was probably wise just to run before 3M. I'm glad I got out there, but I was cursing myself for earlier posting "And I call myself a runner?!" Today I didn't feel like one! At least my run workout is done for the day!

Gym Fun

I met up with Kerry at 24 Hour Fitness yesterday for a leg workout. I usually underestimate how hard our workouts are at 24 - I think because I'm not used to that gym, I don't imagine pushing myself very hard. However, by the time we were done downstairs and made our way upstairs to do abs, my legs felt like jello.

Doing abs upstairs was fun too. Because Kerry teaches fitness classes at Apple, she knew some new "boot camp" things to do. Unfortunately, I was very uncoordinated and clumsy - so she ended up spending a lot of time chasing after the weight balls while we tried to do abs. I felt like such a goober, sitting and laughing while she tried to help me. We're going to try Latin Spice soon (with Diane!) and that should be pretty entertaining.

I wanted to swim when I was done, but there was a water aerobics class in the pool. Didn't exactly feel like battling (or joining!) that.

I've been to the gym 4 times this week: I've run or biked - zero times. Oops. Guess I'll grab my running shoes and go hit the trail during lunch. Otherwise, I will probably get too lazy and skip it once again.

By the way, I'm running the 3M half marathon this weekend with my friend Jeff's 9 year old son. He's pretty fast and should be a good running partner. The last time I ran a half marathon was at Disney World in January 2006. Hard to believe it's been 2 years! (And I call myself a runner?!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am definitely a morning person. I get up every morning at about 5/5:15am and by the time I brush my teeth, I'm ready to take on the day.

Lately, I've been either going to the gym or meeting someone for breakfast before work (or both.) I love doing 3 of my favorite things all before 8:00am! (Working out, eating and seeing friends.)

This week's agenda thus far: Kerbey Lane, Juan in a Million & Magnolia Cafe.

Thanks to my morning friends for joining me and getting my days off to a good start. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008


What a fun weekend!!!! After some quality time with 2 books and 3 crossword puzzles on Friday night, I managed to pack as much as possible into Saturday and Sunday before falling asleep at 8:30 last night.

Saturday was spent visiting Tim in the hospital, going to the gym, meeting friends for lunch at Doc's, shopping for a formal gown (a la Krissy) for an upcoming work event, visiting Tim again, running around my neighborhood, and celebrating Dionn's birthday. I remembered how awesome it is to be a girl on 6th street - you don't have to pay for anything. I also discovered that the Taco's at Angie's (on 7th Street) are the best I've had in Austin. Lastly, I discovered that 3 hours of sleep is not exactly enough if I want to be competent the next day. I think this picture is very funny - it was Dionn & Kerry's attempt at making me look sexy. It makes me laugh because I look like such a dork.

I planned on meeting Jeff & Scot on Sunday morning at 8:00am to run the Dam loop. Woke up at 7:36am, and somehow still managed to meet them. It was a pretty easy run and I was glad I didn't stand them up. Afterwards, I had one of my favorite meals in Austin (grilled veggie alajambre at Guerro's) and did some house stuff. Finished the day with blueberry pancakes at Kerbey Lane with Maggie and was seriously was in bed by 7:00pm.

Skipped the gym this morning and opted for couch time, a bit of reading and coffee (much needed morning stimulation!) before going to a market research study about athletes and sunglasses. ($125 - hell yeah!) And since then, I have been working well past 2:00pm. I've decided to be productive this week. :)

That being said, I'm going to head to the gym soon!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Few Things I'm Learning...

Some random musings on things I've learned (or rediscovered) recently:
  • I actually like waking up at 5:00am to go work out. I used to think it was a necessary evil, but turns out I like it.
  • I like showering & getting ready at the gym. It's nice not to have all the morning distractions of my house around, so I'm forced to get ready and get out.
  • I love George Winston. He is my idol on the piano.
  • I do not need a lot of space at all. In fact, I quite like being in small space. When I grew up, my favorite room was my bathroom - I would hang out there, do my homework there, etc. I like the "den" feel of smaller spaces.
  • I have absolutely no need for a television.
  • I like making decisions. Wishy-washiness is really annoying lately.
  • I like that I pick up other people's idiosyncrasies easily. It makes me feel connected to them. Good Lord! :)
  • I adapt very easily.
  • I love skinny lattes from Starbucks. Mocha, caramel, or cinnamon dolce are my favorites.
  • I don't need that much sleep. I can sustain myself with 5 hours.
  • I love to laugh. Especially at myself.
  • I can get by without my phone. I have practiced leaving it in the car, and I get by just fine.
  • I don't need other people to go out and do something. It is nice, though.
  • I have no motivation to cook. Try as I may, I just don't. It's much easier to reach for cereal.
  • I love Tide laundry detergent and Downy fabric softener. Clothes that smell good when you put them on are the best!
  • I think I've kicked my dessert habit. I haven't had dessert since New Years Eve, and I still don't have much desire for it. Salt, however - I crave salt all the time lately.
  • I am at my core a social person. There is no reason to fight it.
  • Friends can come from the most unlikely people.
  • I think I alone can keep the Mexican food restaurants of Austin open.
  • I think it's physically impossible for me to work from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.
  • I would like to buy some investment properties and get more into real estate.
  • I like walking around with my black fuzzy slippers.
  • If I could do anything for a job, I would be a personal trainer.
  • I must have art (that I like) on my walls. It is not optional for me.
  • Making my bed every morning makes me really happy. Coming home to an unmade bed sucks.
  • I like my hair straight much better than curly. I will schedule my workouts around when I am going to wash my hair.
  • I am a great listener.
  • When someone asks me to keep a secret, I will.
  • I really like helping people.
  • I can listen to the same song on repeat 20 times and not get sick of it.
  • I like going out for breakfast. I will not feel guilty about eating pancakes or biscuits.
  • I think I am officially addicted to coffee.
  • I miss my mom and dad. I wish they lived in Austin.
  • I work best when I have multiple projects going on. When I don't have much to do, I'm completely unproductive.
  • I like weekends.
  • I like my body.
  • I do NOT like traveling to Houston. (I do like text message from Houston, though.)
  • I am less emotional about work than I used to be.
  • I am more emotional about my friends than I used to be.
  • It is possible to operate in a mode where I am not feeling guilty all the time.
  • I am happy.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Just in case anyone was wondering, I feel very calm and very settled today. I like it.

Perhaps listening to Death Cab for Cutie on repeat has helped!

"Soul Meets Body"

I want to live where soul meets body
And let the sun wrap its arms around me
And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing
And feel, feel what its like to be new

Cause in my head there’s a greyhound station
Where I send my thoughts to far off destinations
So they may have a chance of finding a place
where they’re far more
suited than here.

(K- it was so great to see you today. Let's not let so much time go by until next time.)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Today's Horoscope

This one was really true today:

You are happier today if you can be part of a group, rather than having to work by yourself. Paradoxically, you may feel relief when you are finally alone. Acknowledge the conflict between your need to be connected with others and the more subtle benefits you receive from solitude. Don't choose one over the other; allocate time for both.

I've actually been practicing this a lot recently. I certainly have a habit of filling my days with activities. Some have pointed out that perhaps I need more alone time, but I don't really agree. I am often at my best surrounded by people. I love being with my friends and family. I love feeling connected. Even if I'm merely hanging out in the same space, regardless of the fact that I'm immersed with my laptop, I'm just happy being around people. (Good thing I'm in marketing, right?)

However, I certainly value my solitary time too. I've been making an effort to leave some free time in the day so I can enjoy the solitude. I've been making my way through 3 books, seeing movies, working out, etc. alone and I really enjoy it.

It's still nice to know my friends are never far away.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Escape Artist

I want this painting. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Get it Now?!

The Apathy Monster:It’s so boring up on Cranberry Mountain. Boring and soft. It’s like a big carpet up here. Mmmm. Maybe there won’t be any hikers today. Isn’t there another monster up at the top anyway? Why is he even here if I have to stop everyone? He really should earn his keep. Maybe I could say I got outsmarted. Maybe I’ll make a little sign to scare the dumb people away. Most of them just want to hike anyway, right? There’s nothing to steal on this mountain. This comfortable, comfortable mountain. It won’t hurt to just take a little break.

Go ahead Kenny et al. Comment away. I see how it is.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Nicole got a new puppy. He's a shorkie - and is just the cutest thing ever!! I'm so glad she brings him to work, because he's the best distraction. We just have to be careful where we step.


Went to the Continental Club tonight to check out the Onion Creek Crawdaddies. To use someone else's saying, "They are so much fun!" :) I have "Dusty Dusty Bibles" stuck in my head now, and imagine I will for days.
For the record, today was awesome. In fact, the past three days have been awesome. I wonder what's up with that?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Diving Bell

Tonight I decided to have a date with myself. I had picked up a free pass to see "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" while at Cafe Mundi last week. I didn't know much about the film, nor could I find a viewing companion, so I decided to go it alone.

I'm not one for seeing movies in theaters, but if I do - I can basically guarantee I'll be at Dobie, Arbor or Alamo. For perspective, the last movie I saw was either Wordplay, at Arbor, or For Your Consideration, at Alamo.

Anyway, this was a beautiful film. The gist of the film is that this dynamic man, in the prime of his life, has a stroke and is completely paralyzed except for his left eye. Through amazing courage and determination, he manages to write a novel and create relationships through blinking his eye. The film is beautiful and touching. It really captured the human experience and (cheesy as this sounds) reminded me how wonderful life is.

Needless to say, I was moved. I definitely recommend this one.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

On Your Mark...Get Set... And?

Even though I'm not training for anything at the moment, I am still keeping my mileage logs. All the little cells in my logbook excel file cater perfectly to my obsessive side! What's dangerous now is that I now have all of last year's entries to compare this year's entries to.

I'm obviously trying to maintain some semblance of fitness until I figure out what I'm going to do this year. This week I ran 20, biked 40, swam twice and went to the gym 4 times. Not bad, not bad... I had a fun time riding a very windy out & back on the toll road on New Year's Day with Maggie & Janice. Running easy with Leslie mid-week was awesome. I went to the gym with Lulu, Dionn, and Panther throughout the week. And today I ran, biked & swam... perfect morning! (minus the fact that my ride was shortened due to a really worn out back tire. Sorry, Scot!)

While watching Lulu & Wiley run Bandera yesterday was very impressive, I admit that I had no desire to be racing it, or to be racing in general. At this point, I think I'll look towards some sprint triathlons in the summer and perhaps an olympic or two. Perhaps I'll really shoot for Marble Falls this year. More than anything I'm excited for the long weekend bike rides and camaraderie of last summer.

This year I'm not going to get so crazy about training - I'm going to make it a point to enjoy myself and not obsess over my mileage. The only race on the horizon is the AT&T Half Marathon, which I'm only doing as a favor to my friend Jeff - I'll be trying to keep up with his insanely fast 9 year old!

I'm actually really looking forward to doing whatever I want this year with no pressure at all.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Today's Horoscope

Since when did I become so weird about my horoscopes?!

You may be ready to jump in on a new project, yet something could be holding you back. You may be hesitant about scattering your efforts now and think it's better to wait until you've finished up old business before firing up another distraction. Don't be too hard on yourself; if you can justify saying "yes," then go ahead and do it.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Last Hours of 2007...

Mmmm.... after 6 months + 6 days, I finally ate dessert. YUM! :) What a sweet way to end 2007. (Ha. Ha. Ha.)

Thanks again for the Ocho, Ostrich!