Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Crab Pot Feast... A Photo Montage

Thanks, Joe. I'm so glad we did this! :)

Seattle Recap

I like bullet points today. Thus, I shall recap our Seattle trip via bullets. Pow Pow Pow!

Joe & I went to Seattle last week/weekend. I may have liked the city.... a bit...

Things we saw in Seattle:
  • Pike's Market (including absolutely amazing flowers & seafood)
  • Steinbrueck Park (nearly empty on a cloudy weekday & jam packed on a sunny weekend)
  • Seattle Aquarium (jellyfish! octopus! salmon! sea otters! pure ocean awesomeness!)
  • Ferry Ride (x 2... to Bainbridge Island & Bremerton. The city is beautiful from the water. The islands, um, were islandy? What else to say, what else to say...)
  • Pioneer Square (which happened to home to First Thursday Art Walk - while we didn't fancy any art in the galleries, we loved the neighborhood.)
  • Seattle Art Museum (which was free on First Thursday - score!)
  • Coffee + Harbor Steps
  • Kasala, which was a random furniture store filled with robots. I was giddy as could be.
  • Woodinville Wine Country: Columbia Winery, Chateau St. Michele & Redhook Ale Brewery. (The damage = 24 glasses of wine and countless beer, and the happiest boyfriend I have ever seen)
  • The monorail (Yes, monorail! monorail! mono-wha?!)
  • Seattle Center: Space Needle, EMP, the artwork from our Frommer's guide
  • Olympic Park (i.e. what heaven must look like)
  • Waterfront (complete with a Maritime festival of boats, boat building, etc.)
  • Downtown
  • Fremont Farmer's Market (which was representative of how awesome/organic/funky/etc. that little neighborhood is)
  • Fremont Troll (see above)
  • Public Transportation
  • The nicest, friendliest, kindest people I could have imagined.
Places we ate...and ate... and ate... (and drank!)
  • Dragonfish (Amazing sushi restaurant we found our first night.)
  • Lowell's in Pike's Market (amazing Seattle-esk view)
  • Crabpot (Seafood Feast per Man vs. Food. We totally conquered!)
  • Blue Acre (halibut + asparagus. so. much. asparagus.)
  • Top Pot Donuts (2 giant donuts was an interesting pre-wine tasting breakfast. soooo good)
  • Redhook Brewery (best nachos ever. And I think Joe would have gone swimming in the beer if at all possible)
  • Etta's & Dahlia Lounge (crabcakes + dungeoness crab salad + desert = om my!)
  • Tikilum Cafe (eggs benedict & dutch babies. best breakfast ever.)
  • Nola's on Bainbridge Island
  • Ivar's Clam House for drinks
  • Elliot's (oysters + scallops + halibut cheeks + raspberry lemon sorbet.)
  • Top Pot Donuts, round 2 (I mean, gourmet donuts. C'mon! We couldn't just go once!)
  • Anthony's (surprisingly good airport food. salmon sandwich goodness)
  • I want to move to Seattle. I don't mean "oh, it's so pretty, what a nice place to live" kind of move there. I mean, "I am already looking at job options & real estate. I am considering the logistics of a move." Granted, it wouldn't be for a year or so... and I need to check it out when the weather isn't as gorgeous... but... I just felt a connection to the city, and I know I want to be there.
  • The people there were so friendly. I had no trouble making friends and barraging them with questions about moving to Seattle.
  • I'm so glad I eat seafood now. The food was incredible. I'm going to eat it all the time when I live there.
  • I loved Fremont - and that's where I think I'll look first when I move there.
  • Did I mention I want to move to Seattle?
  • I need to take more vacations, and that might ease my desire to move to my first vacation destination in years. (Probably not. Seattle is just that awesome.)
  • First trip with Joe = 100% complete success. Not that there was any doubt, for the record! We had a blast together. He didn't even express annoyance at the extreme amount that I talked about moving to Seattle. ;)
So yeah... Seattle... um... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)