Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"It's All a Matter of Priorities"

What comes first, the compass or the clock?

Before one can truly manage time (the clock), it is important to know where you are going, what your priorities and goals are, in which direction you are headed (the compass.)

Where you are headed is more important than how fast you are going. Rather than focusing on what's urgent, focus on what is really important.

-Source Unknown

Friday, September 25, 2009

Over Vegas

I'm not a Vegas girl. Nor is Carrie... which was good since we were traveling together. Last night we hit the Wynn buffet (Oh. My. God...YUM! The ocean called and they want me to bring their seafood back!) Then we went to the crits at the Mandalay Bay. We were both so tired that we left halfway through the pro men's race. We were going to go to the PowerBar party at Blush, in the Wynn, but after waiting in line for 2 minutes we opted to go upstairs instead.

And today, after roaming the show floor again, we had a few hours to kill. I hope Carrie doesn't kill me for saying this, but we spent our time riding the Monorail. We were looking for a cheesy double-decker bus tour, but couldn't find one. So we rode the Monorail. (It was kinda fun, though!)

Anyway.... we were at the airport ready to depart and return to lovely amazing wonderful Austin, Texas. Interbike was great - Vegas was Vegas - and we are ready to come home.

Yup. We are definitely over Vegas.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Interbike 2009 Day 1

Got Grease? Get Grease Monkey Wipes!

That's our theme! Carrie & I just finished our first day at Interbike - North America's largest bike industry trade show. We don't have a booth this year, but we made sure to sport the jerseys and pass out samples and information. The response is great - people love the monkey! (Our designer is genius, I tell you!)

This year is definitely more mellow... The overwhelming thrill of hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors isn't there for me this year - granted it's been a blast to watch Carrie experience it. There seem to be less people this year, too. But there are still all the samples and cool booths and bike parts and geekiness. Once again, I've maintained a diet of Clifbar, Powerbar & other assorted energy bar samples. (Maybe that explains my headache?)

Also, it's a completely different entrepreneurial experience this year. By that, I mean that I have more confidence in my product. I have more confidence in Tim's & my abilities. I have more confidence in the future of our company, regardless if a small bike retailer wants to buy our product or not. I can't exactly explain it - perhaps it's false confidence - but I just feel a bit smarter and wiser this year. We'll see!

Carrie has been a godsend. This would NOT have been a fun experience by myself. She has been fantastic - ready to sport the Grease Monkey gear without me even asking, handing out samples, promoting the company, and just being overly supportive and wonderful. (No surprise there, right?) Also, it's great to share the same feelings about Vegas... we were asleep (in our glorious room at the Wynn) last night by 10pm. We both could care less about Vegas, much more about bike stuff. What a pleasure to share this with her!

So, Interbike Day 1 - check. Our plan is to see the National Crits & get some real food, but I wouldn't be surprised if we just ate and fell asleep.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pain of Discipline.

I've taken a liking to twitter lately - @erininaustin by the way - and as I was pouring over a business plan and financial statements for hours and hours on Sunday, I saw this fantastic (and ever so relevant) quote:

We all suffer one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is that the pain of discipline weighs ounces, the pain of regret weighs tons

I'm all about being disciplined. But I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. It was bound to happen sooner or later... I mean, as much as I try, I'm not superwoman. Damn it!

Oh well... I'm okay with sticking my head in the sand for a bit. I know myself - I won't stay there for long. (I have to come out by Wednesday... the fabulous Carrie & I are off to show the world Grease Monkey Wipes @ Interbike in Las Vegas.)

Monday, September 14, 2009


Yesterday was gearing up to be a bad day... one of those "series of unfortunate events" kinda days. It started with me feeling grumpy (lack of food, perhaps) and only got worse when half the electricity in my house went dead midway through my laundry cycle. My soapy clothes are currently hanging on a clothesline on my porch while my washer is still full of water. Tried to go to the Arthouse... and after finally arriving, it was closed. Doh!

So I had to stop and say, "No more! I declare this day better starting...NOW!" And better it got! And... it culminated in my first lobster experience ever. I never thought I'd be saying this, but I ate an entire lobster. One that I held... while he was alive. Uh huh... sweet little vegetarian Erin ate a lobster.
It was yummy.

Just sayin. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hips Don't Lie...

When I finished Ironman, I thought it'd be the perfect time to try something completely new and non-triathlon related.

The obvious choice (for me)? Belly Dancing!

So I looked up classes through U.T.'s informal classes. The first page listed some select classes - one of which was "Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking." Well, being somewhat practical... I decided that this was probably a more important and useful class than bellydancing.

5 weeks of public speaking. Turns out it was *really* helpful in ways I hadn't expected. I'm still terrified of public speaking, at times, but I'm glad I took the class.

So then it was time for something new... and I thought, it's time for bellydancing!

Let's just say that my hips don't lie. My hips are not meant to move like a bellydancer. I gave this class 2 chances... and I am done. I don't like it one bit. I felt myself wanting to trip our teacher midway through class 2 and wishing I was anywhere but where I was. Luckily I didn't invest in zils or a coin skirt.

Yeah, I gave it my best. And I hated it. And that's just fine... Now it's just time to learn something else new!

(Yup... that something new is Quickbooks & a new web design program. Exciting. But I don't have to awkwardly shake my hips to do this, and that's a good thing.)