Sunday, April 25, 2010

What 1:34 Costs...

My current best mile time is an 8:40. One & a half years ago it was a 7:06. I lost 1:34 for my all-out mile time. Typically, that loss of fitness would really upset & frustrate me. However, it mainly just got me thinking... what did that 1 minute + 34 seconds cost me?

It allowed me the opportunity to focus more on my job without being worried about making workouts, being tired all the time, etc... (Here I am at our holiday party, and that's actually the U.T. stadium screen with our logo glowing on it.)
It allowed me to focus on my company... which included being on a national television show, winning, meeting amazing mentors, and gaining opportunities I never thought possible...
It afforded me the opportunity to meet Joe, his family and friends, and experience a level of happiness I could never have expected...
It allowed me to purchase & completely remodel my house, putting as much energy into it as possible, and provide me with a finished product that I absolutely adore... (Here I am flipping on the electricity for the first time.)
That 1:34 is going to be really hard to get back. I'm not even sure I care about getting it back, to be honest. And it's not like the past year & a half have been a cakewalk either. They've been filled with ups and downs too... but I wouldn't trade any of it.

So, I guess the answer is that 1:34 didn't cost me a single thing... In fact it afforded me more opportunities than I would have ever thought possible.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Joe is awesome... he made me the perfect housewarming gift & surprised me with it on move-in day. I'd like to introduce Blue Version 2.0... i.e. Bert!
(I don't know why his name is Bert... it just came to me. :))

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"run workout!"

Once upon a time, many many months ago, I would attend these "events" called "run workouts." Odd things, they were. There was a coach, who would tell you what to do, and then you would... *gasp*... run.

But then stuff happened and I stopped attending these "run workouts." I completed the race I was training for (Longhorn); I was injured; I hated running in the afternoon heat; and most of all, I was lazy and just hated to run.

However... thanks to some prodding by some bunnies (Carrie & Vegas to be exact), I found myself at Auditorium Shores this morning at an actual coached run workout!

It was so hard!
I am so not where I used to be!
I was red-faced as ever when I was done!

I now feel like I accomplished something for the day!
I think I might just be motivated enough to attend these workouts!
I had so much fun running with Vegas!
I didn't collapse from nearly 1.5 years of not running consistently!
It was awesome!
I want to do it again!

Perhaps E is gettin' her groove back? I hope so!