Friday, March 22, 2013

Last Day at ESADE

This past Monday was my last trip to ESADE.  I decided to document the walk so I can forever remember the last day of my MBA.  (gah!!!!) Here we go!

First I would walk from my apartment to Plaza Catalanya and get on the FGC train (usually the S1, S2 or S55) to San Cugat. The walk was about 10 minutes and the train took about 25 minutes.  When I exited the train in SC, this was my view.
This is the view back towards the train station.
This is the world's most amazing bakery which I passed both ways. I may have possibly maybe stopped at least once each trip.
This is about 10 minutes into the walk to campus. Pretty, right? It gets better...
Getting closer...
I see it in the distance!
Walking through the park that was typically full of all types of adorable dogs. (Yay for the dog fix!)
There it is! The full journey from apartment to school is 2.2 miles, and takes about one hour.
Pretty modern, huh? A bit different than McCombs...
Down the walkway towards class. On the left is Gloria's, a popular place for lunch that had unlimited wine and beer, which made for a fun 2:30pm class for many!
After our last class, the McCombs group took our last pictures at ESADE. A great group, a great experience, and with that - an MBA is done!

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Taline said...

Such a beautiful campus! And a wonderful group of people!