Sunday, June 12, 2016

Oregon Vacation, Part I: The Coast

Hello blog! I am delighted to log a few entries in the travel category, and I am ecstatic to report that Syd's first vacation was a huge success.

When deciding if/where/how we would vacation in 2016, Joe and I agreed that Oregon was at the top of our list.  However, we didn't want to be away from Syd for more than a few days, and we also didn't know how taking Syd for an extended time would go. We talked this all over with Joe's parents, and they decided to join us. This made me very happy because 1) I love Joe's parents, 2) having vacationed with them before (England 2011) I knew this would be a great trip, and 3) I love that they got so much time with Syd and vice versa.

Joe and Sally immediately got to planning and decided we would spend five nights on the Oregon coast and three nights in Portland. Before I knew it, we were off. Syd was such a champion traveler - I couldn't have asked for a better travel experience.  Please stay that way forever, Syd!

And now for the details:

First stop: Cannon Beach
Hotel: The Waves Inn
Food: Tom's Fish and Chips, Lazy Susan, Old Oregon Smokehouse; Driftwood; Pig & Pancake
Highlights: the Haystack at Cannon Beach, morning walks with Syd and Sally, Ecola Park, the drive to Tillamuk, Joe @ De Garde Brewing, fresh cherries, being on vacation during my birthday

Second stop: Newport
Hotel: The Comfort Inn
Food: Pelican Brewing, Rogue, Local Ocean Seafood, Tidal Raves, Ocean Blue @ Gino's
Highlights: stop at Hug Beach, the Newport Harbor, salt water taffy, Devil's Punchbowl, Yaquina Lighthouse, watching the Newport Marathon, Syd's reaction to sea lions
Third stop: Florence/Bandon Beach
Hotel: The Old Town Inn
Food: Bandon Fish Market, Bridgewater Seafood, Facerock Creamery
Highlights: Face Rock in Bandon Beach, buying toys for Syd and fudge for us, giant scoops of ice cream at Face Rock for $2, fun car games

The Oregon coast - amazing! We'll definitely be back. But first, onward to Portland!

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