Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Eurotrip: Hvar

One of the reasons that Angie and I spent three nights in Split was so that we could island hop for day trips. It turned out that Hvar was really the only island that was "open" and not shut down for the off-season. Luckily we wanted to go to Hvar, so we took a two hour ferry to the island.
Bye bye Split!
We read that upon arrival to Hvar, one was supposed to deboard the ferry and board buses to get to Hvar Town. Instead, we walked along the coast until we reached Stari Grab. The town was pretty devoid of tourists, but still had enough to keep us happily entertained.

First we went on a hike that was supposed to take us about thirty minutes, according to the tourist office. The path was much friendlier than our Plitvice Lakes hike, even if it was all uphill. There were so many flowers and butterflies.

I think we must have heard thirty minutes incorrectly, because we reached the top in about ten. This is what we found.

At the top was an outdoor chapel! It reminded me a lot of Shabbat services at Greene Family Camp, without the cross of course.

The views were pretty spectacular too.

After hiking back down, we wandered around the Roman-influenced city. I loved the narrow streets, stone buildings, ruins, old churches, and lack of tourists!



We had some time to spare before we could grab a bus to Hvar town, so we spent it relaxing on a porch swing in front of a small restaurant in one of the squares. After an hour or so, we walked to the bus stop which took us to Hvar Town.
To be honest, there really wasn't much to do in Hvar Town. It was certainly pretty, but without being part of a cruise or having a boat, we didn't quite get to experience the way I think one should. We mainly walked around, looked at the water, and snacked on a pizza. Angie and I agreed that we liked Stari Grad much better, but I'm glad I got to see what Hvar Town was about too.
At the end of the day, we took a bus back to the ferry terminal and ferried back to Split. I'm not sure why this relaxing day trip was so exhausting, but I was beat by the end of the day. With that, my Croatian island hopping was done. If I ever come back, it will most likely be on a chartered yacht in warmer temperatures. Which is not such a bad thing, right?


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