Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Now What?

Now that graduation weekend has passed, my bags are unpacked, and I am finally over my jetlag, it is time to figure out what I get to do this summer.  Earlier this year I mentioned plans of going to Central America and South America, mainly with the goal to learn Spanish and travel with Kevin. About a month after a wrote that, I realized that I was being a bit too ambitious. Plus, there was still so much in Austin I wanted to do that I felt like I was already missing out by traveling.

Which brings me to my updated summer.  I have five must-happen goals, and otherwise I am pretty open.  Here they are:

1) Take Spanish lessons in Austin.  I am hopeful I found an outlet for this, but I'm open to more options.

2) Learn Excel like a pro.  Start with the training guides my new employer has given me, and then get even better.

3) Spend a ton of time with my dogs + Joe.  If my dogs can come with me somewhere, I am bringing them. I missed them so much while abroad.  (Side note: if anyone wants to have playdates, please let me know!!! I bet Sam would be willing to share the pool.)

4) Do physical activity at least 5-6/week, but with some requirements.  First, I want to love it and not have it feel like a burden.  Second, I want it to be flexible so I don't feel guilty leaving town. Third, I want to start my new job feeling/looking great and having a routine that is sustainable.

In regards to my fourth goal, I need help. There are so many options I can choose from, and I don't know where to start or which to pick. Bikram yoga, crossfit, personal training, rejoining Golds, joining a different gym, Camp Gladiator, running, masters swimming? I want to do all of it! But I don't want to do ALL of it. 

I'm going back to my podiatrist tomorrow. My feet were killing me the last five months, and it certainly made working out less fun. I'm going to hear what he says, and go from there. But as always, I welcome opinions and invitations. :)

5) Scuba certification. This starts next Wednesday!

What else is planned for the summer? Working with my dad, girls weekend in Birmingham, family vacation, lots of time visiting the library, watching old movies, taking as many walks as possible, hanging out with my friends, donating most of my stuff to Goodwill, cooking, practicing Spanish, rejoining Toastmasters, and saying "yes" when people invite me to do something.

Let the summer begin!!!


shubbe said...

Playdates! Playdates! Playdates!

Taline said...

It's so great to have you back. I'm up for taking the puppies out sometime!