Thursday, November 12, 2015

One Month with Sydney

Today celebrates one month with Sydney outside the womb.  In the past month, we have lived in the AirBnB condo, at Joe's parents' house, and finally back at our new-to-us house.  She's already getting used to the traveling + taking on lots of projects lifestyle.  Happy one month birthday, Syd!

It's hard to believe I'm a mom! Joe is a dad! We are keeping this little Sydney bean alive and well - with some help, of course - and she's turning into a little person. She melts our hearts every day, and I can't imagine loving something more than I love her.

In honor of her first month, here are some highlights of her time with us thus far:

1. After about ~40 hours of labor (!!!), 3 trips to the hospital, and almost 3 hours of pushing, Sydney made her way into the world kicking and screaming.  I was prepared for the NICU nurses to take her away for ~10 minutes when she was born as they were worried she might swallow meconium with her first breath.  I'm not exactly sure why, but the screaming/crying meant she was safe for immediate skin to skin. I'll never forget the feeling of pulling up my gown and placing this squirmy, screaming ball of baby on my chest. Talk about a life changing moment!

2. Syd almost got kicked when she was born! We had a student nurse shadowing the L&D. She was responsible for holding up my left leg when Syd was born.  She basically lost it when she saw Syd come out and dropped my leg inches away from Syd! It took the student nurse a while to recover, and only after the nurse and doctor kept yelling "Leg! Leg! Leg!" at her.  Injury avoided - keep it up, Syd!

3. Syd had dark hair when she was born. I guess I always envisioned a red-headed or blonde baby, so this was a shock to me.  Her hair is definitely getting lighter and redder each day, but I still have no idea how she will ultimately look.

4. I found some pictures of Joe when he was a newborn, and Syd definitely takes after him. She even has the same one-eyed skeptical expression. So cute.

5. Syd is a crier. I'm not really sure how to sugarcoat that..  We expected her to eat/sleep/poop... but we were unprepared for the crying.  Generally we are clueless about what to do when she cries except feed her.  In our defense, she actually got kicked out of the hospital nursery because she wouldn't stop crying. So, if even the professionals couldn't figure it out, we feel a little better about our inabilities.

6. We finally did figure out a kind of pacifier she likes (MAM brand) and this has helped immensely. Unfortunately, we only figured this out about 4 days ago. Fortunately, better late than never!

7.  I can't believe I've sustained this little bean entirely on breast milk! (In fact, I've completely sustained her since she was a tiny egg yolk.) Nature is crazy.  We've done really well with breastfeeding, save for the first 3 weeks of a lot of pain on my end. I did see a lactation consultant at Austin's Special Addition (highly recommend this), and she mainly confirmed things were going well and Syd and I were a good match.

8. Thank goodness Syd is a sound sleeper as we've had contractors at the house every day. As I write this blog, I there are three guys walking around with huge ladders and tools.  She is a trooper! She actually makes the most adorable jerking movements when she hears loud noises and looks like a kitten.  I'm happy to report that we are nearly finished with her nursery, and the biggest thing we have left is putting up her koala mural.  It's really starting to feel like home, and Syd (and all her stuff) is an integral part.

9. Speaking of Syd's stuff... we are totally the parents who said we wouldn't buy a bunch of baby stuff, and now we throw money at anything that might calm her down or make her happy.  Thus, her stuff has overtaken our house. She seriously has a new baby item in every room.

10.  Syd has so many nicknames! Some favorites: Squid, Squiddles, Syd-Monster, Skittle

11. Some of her favorite things: boobs, Daddy's shoulder, Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" on repeat, sleeping on Grandma/people, riding in the car, walking the neighborhood in her sling, Jane the Virgin (our current Netflix binge), flappy elephant ears on her tummy time mat, her Baby Einstein toy

12. Syd does not acknowledge Sam and June. They are a little interested in her, but mainly they check her out when she is crying or screaming and then look at us like "what did you bring home guys? why did you do this to us?"

13. Thanks go my mom's stellar couponing, we haven't bought diapers yet! We look like we are stocking up for a daycare. It's awesome. Extra shout out to my mom who stayed with us for a few days while I tried to unpack.  Having her on Syd duty was such a help!

14. Speaking of unpacking, I found a bunch of books from my childhood and loved reading "Where the Sidewalk Ends" to Syd. Looking forward to reading more to her.

15.  I'm looking forward to so many exciting things in month two! Thanksgiving, finishing her nursery, taking her on more walks, tummy time, more expressions and hopefully her first real (i.e. not passing gas) smile!

It's been an amazing month. We love you Squidders!

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