Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sydney is here!

Hello world. Meet Sydney Marion, born earlier this week and weighing in at ~8lbs.  Mom and Dad are the prototype cliche's and could not be more in love.

Sydney got her name about 6 months ago.  Joe & I were browsing through baby names in search of something meaningful and unique.  When we happened across Sydney, we both instantly liked it.  Then the more we thought about it, the more we realized how significant the name was for us.

Back in late 2013, Joe was deciding whether or not he would take a VSP (volunteer separation package) at his work.  In addition to being afforded a great opportunity to do something new and leave with a nice payout, Joe was also nearly guaranteed a new job in Sydney, Australia via an old coworker.  At the time, I was not feeling particularly great about work and was ready to make a drastic change.  We decided to go for it - Joe would quit his job, and we'd start making headway towards getting to Sydney.

Long story short, things didn't work out as planned.  Timing on the new job for Joe didn't work, I decided I wanted to stay at my job for the time being, and even though we both wanted to move to a new city, really our lives felt like we were on hold as we plotted what we wanted to do next.  Fast forward to our trip to Italy, we decided to try for a kid, and shortly thereafter things started falling into place to re-start our lives in Austin with our little girl.

Thus... we chose to name our girl Sydney because we didn't end up going to Sydney, and instead Sydney came to us.  It represents our shared dream in a new life, and honestly couldn't be a more perfect fit.  We chose her middle name in honor of my grandmother (on my mom's side), as she was one of my favorite people in the world and instrumental in making so many of my dreams come true.

Welcome to the world, Sydney! Our hearts are so full.

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