Friday, October 09, 2015

US Travels - 2015

Time to catch up on 2015 travels!

March - Chicago for the International Home & Housewares show. How lucky am I to get to travel with these handsome men? The hardest part was keeping my pregnancy silent from my dad. I'm really surprised he didn't catch on that I wasn't drinking beer or coffee.
June - New York City.  Was able to combine a work trip with vacation, complete with a Yankees game, a long visit to the Met, and a Broadway show. In other words, both Joe and I were happy.  Until Angie pointed out that Baby W's first baseball game was at Yankee Stadium. I'm not sure I have ever laughed as hard as when I saw Joe's expression. (Sorry Joe!)
July - Boston.  Not to fear, we saw the Yankees again, but this time it was at Fenway Park.  I was able to combine a work trip with vacation, and as an added bonus Joe's parents came to Boston too.  They explored the city by day and met up with me at night.  It worked out really well, plus I know the W's loved being back in Boston together.

July - We took a bus from Boston to Portland, Maine, and spent a few days taking in the sites and eating all the clams and lobster we could find. I was definitely starting to feel my pregnancy on this trip... I would get worn out pretty quickly and was happy this was not a very intense trip.

August - Atlanta. I convinced Joe to come with me on another work trip so that we could spend 24 hours with Tal and Jenna.  I had such a great time with them, and Jenna spent a whole morning going through my baby registry, showing us what we needed/didn't need, and providing great parenting tips.  It's so fun to see Jenna and Tal as parents, and take lessons from them.  Also, we got to see Mo Willems show at the High Museum - and I'm pretty much obsessed now. 

I traveled a bit more for work this year, but by the end of August I was done with flying. Joe & I once again made great use of the Southwest Companion Pass.  On our last flight, we looked at the map and ultimately decided that Portland (OR) is the only other city we're missing on our list of places to go together.  It's strange that we won't make it to Europe this year - which will be the first time in 5 years - but other things are worth it. There are plenty more adventures to come!

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