Saturday, October 10, 2015

The past 9 months...

A few snaps from the past 9 months...

When announced to Joe's parents, we hid our sonogram in one of our pictures. This proved to be the least effective way of announcing our pregnancy, as Joe's mom thought the picture was of me as a baby.  Oh well, we tried!
See her hiding in there?
I remember taking this picture around 12 weeks and feeling huge! Ha. ha. ha. 
Our first family picture, at the wedding.
This was when Lauren spotted us taking the picture... and thus I got surprise her big time!
Six months... baby is showing up.
Hi Mom & Dad!
7 months... right before we moved out of the house.
8 months, snapping a pic for Angie explaining how huge I'd become.
Baby Party!
Reading to baby girl...
9 months, another snap for Angie - almost there!
And now she is 40 weeks, 2 days.  You can come out any time, Baby W!!!

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