Friday, October 09, 2015

US Travels - 2014

2014 catch up post!

I know, I clearly have not done a good job of updating my blog. My biggest excuse was work - both from a lack of time and a privacy perspective.  But since I don't have that excuse anymore, and I have a lot of time to entertain myself waiting for baby W to arrive, I thought I'd share some pictures of my travels over the past two years.  Starting with 2014...

February - Las Vegas with some of my favorite co-workers at BCG
April - Napa Valley & San Francisco with Joe, who was midway through his epic roadtrip across the Western United States.

May - Seattle and Vancouver.  The two pictures below are from when Joe proposed, which happened on the Great Wheel in Seattle. Seattle + Ferris Wheel = Joe knows me well!  Let me say I was completely surprised.
June - New Orleans.  We crashed Angie's vacation, but it was so worth it
June - BCG Retreat at Barton Creek. I consider this traveling because we did touristy stuff like Segway tours around Austin
July - Chicago for July 4th weekend. We did all the touristy stuff, enjoyed ourselves, and pondered how anyone could live in Chicago over the winter.  Ironically, I made at least five subsequent trips to Chicago for work, and I was definitely missing the summer weather. 
August - Birmingham for Damsky's wedding.  It was a great weekend of my friends getting to know Joe better, attending Annie's festivities, and seeing my long-time best friends.

September - Joe got to live like a consultant for a week as we trekked from Austin to Dallas to Boston to Pittsburgh to Boston to Provincetown to Boston to Dallas to Austin all in a few days.  While I worked, Joe got to explore Boston and ironically see the Red Sox in Pittsburgh. We headed back to Boston/Provincetown for the weekend to watch Shane & Michael get married.

November - Holbox, Mexico.  This picture pretty much sums it up. It was a beach. Holbox is known for whale sharks, and... we went during the off season. Oops. While we managed to sit on the beach for a few days, and were pretty secluded from the world, I think we might have overthought this trip. We were trying to be creative (and not do the typical Cancun resort), but the mosquitoes and lack of entertainment started to get to us after a while.  Still a fun relaxing vacation.

We ended the year with two weeks in Italy (and I actually blogged that trip- go me), and I would say it was a very strong year of travel.  Joe and I definitely hit up a ton of cities throughout the US and made very good use of the Southwest companion pass.  I got really lucky with work and was able to alt-travel, work remotely, go on company trips, and take about three weeks off.  Not bad at all - I consider 2014 to be a great year of travel.

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