Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Because I Choose To...

Long story short: I lost my new orthotics. The very orthotics that have given me new hope in the world - hope that I can walk pain free again, that I can actually be a runner, that I can justify a $600 expense for my feet!  Somehow, between my front door and my car, they have disappeared. I have spent the last 3.5 days extremely frustrated about it.  (Joe may have other words to describe my droning and complaining, but I will stick with frustrated.) I am so clueless as to where they might be, that I have even considered the possibility that ghosts stole my shoes.

During our morning run, Katy told me a story about a lady who had lived in a Japanese internment camp and lost her baby.  When Katy asked her why she was such a positive, wonderful person without resentment or bitterness, her friend told her "because I choose to."


Life is like that. You can choose to do/be/think/act however you wish.  

While it's a much much much much almost laughable non-comparably-much less big deal than Katy's friend, I have a choice here. I can choose to be frustrated... or I can choose to order new orthotics and go about my business.  Guess which one I choose.

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