Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Makin' Stuff & Feelin' Crafty

For the past few weeks, I have been tackling one of my biggest fears: cooking. Thanks to some not-so-subtle yet needed hints from Joe, and a batch-cooking partnership with my friend Marisa, I am slowly getting over my fear of the kitchen.  It's quite an empowering feeling, I must say! I don't know that it will be sustainable once work starts, but until then I'm quite enjoying trying out recipes and getting to know my kitchen a bit more.  For example, today Marisa and I made coconut nut chicken tenders with a mango dijon dipping sauce, moroccan turkey meatballs, and sweet potato breakfast hash.
Delicious and freezable!
So this is what a food processor does. Who knew?!

So much deliciousness! Is it breakfast yet?!
Building upon this "making stuff" theme, I've also been feeling crafty lately. I busted out my robot-making box a few days ago and put it to use when Joe's nephew came over one day.
With the end result being projects like this.
One day I got pretty bored with paint chips...
But honestly, it was because there is a bigger project in mind...

The blue that has resided on our bedroom back wall was a result of an impulse paint purchase from home depot. Time for a change... all inspired by desire to make some art! All I need to do now is learn how to use a paint roller.

Some *might* say it's time for me to start working again. Honestly, I am not sure I could argue that!

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