Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Motivates You?

Recently I've been having conversations with people stemming from the question "What motivates you?" How do some people end up super successful while others falter. What keeps some people going beyond adversity? What does motivation even mean? And is it nature, or nurture, or both?

Before I was born, my parents decided that they would provide me as many opportunities as they could AND be as supportive of me as possible.  Hopefully this blog has made clear that I have them to thank for the things I have experienced in life. Anyway, I found the card they gave me when I graduated with my BBA from McCombs in 2001.   It made me smile because they could have given me the same card earlier this year.

"But most important, remember to have fun, keep healthy, and be happy."

"Enjoy your life. In the long run, that is what counts and is what you remember."

When I think about what motivates me, perhaps the biggest component is the drive to make my parents proud.  Twelve years after receiving this card, I have definitely followed their advice.  As I start a new stage of my life, I aim to still be the person that my dad pictures me: "Be happy and loving everyday." 

Motivation at its finest.

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