Sunday, June 09, 2013

Weekend Things

In an effort to continue my blogging momentum from the first part of this year, I am going to try and post every day with a little update about my summer.  However, since I just thought of this today, I didn't do an adequate job of taking pictures all weekend. But really, I'm not planning on posting any ridiculous wetsuit scuba pictures anyway.

Friday I woke up bright and early to sit with Lauren as movers packed her apartment away, and she then headed off to Houston.  This part of the MBA program - the part where the great friends I've made over the past two years are all scattering across the world - kinda blows. Austin is feeling more and more empty as each new friend takes off.  On the bright side, I will have more people to visit now.  Bye, bye Lauren. Thanks for being one of my closest friends at Texas!
Don't be fooled by our smiles. I am crying deep inside that Lauren is leaving.
After saying goodbye to Lauren, I went to the dive shop to pick up gear for the weekend, picked up my just-been-tuned bike, went to CG bootcamp, popped in a Spanish DVD, and promptly slept the afternoon away.

Saturday morning was day one of open water certification. My class met at 7:30am at the Comal River, which made for another early morning. We suited ourselves up and proceeded to do three dives before the tubers took over the river. I was excited that visibility was good and we saw lots of fish.  [Also important: I didn't drown. Win!] Joe and spent the rest of the day being pretty low-key, and the highlight for me was setting a high score in DOTS and reading "Sister Wendy's History of Painting" in the backyard. We topped off the evening watching the last episodes of Arrested Development Season IV.

Sunday morning was day two of open water certification, which meant we had to be at Lake Travis by 8:00am. We were all suited up and ready to dive when the storms hit, and we had to sit out for an hour praying the rain (and potential lightening) would clear. It was rather funny to see 15 people in wetsuits sitting on park benches in the pouring rain.  Luckily it cleared and I was able to do two dives in the lake. For the record, these dives were not fun whatsoever, as visibility was horrible and I was in constant panic of losing my dive master.  However, I made it and am now scuba certified. Summer Mission One: Accomplished!!!

Not wanting to be lazy for another afternoon, I met Mike on Town Lake and we kayaked around for about three hours and had a great time.  When I came home, I promptly jumped in the pool before showering off just to make sure I covered all potential water experiences I could have today. 

Great views of the dogs at Auditorium Shores
Spotted on Town Lake: The infamous swan boat!
So there was my weekend. I have a very busy week ahead, and I'm excited to keep blogging about what I'm up to.  I feel challenged to do something blog-worthy every day!

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