Monday, July 29, 2013

Friends for Life!

The highlight of my time in San Diego was spending time with Rachel and her daughter Elie. I can't believe that my dear friend is a mom! To me, Rachel is still the girl who made up dances for the GFC talent show with me. And the girl who almost crashed her car when we ran into each other randomly at a 711 in Hillsboro. And the girl who I would talk to on the phone (actual land-line phone!) for hours at a time as we plotted our adventures in either Dallas or Tulsa.  Even though we are adults now, and our friendship is 20+ years strong, I suppose she is still all of those things. And now so much more.
Rachel + Elie + Me... and the mysterious babies from Jenna's shower. "Mama! Mama!"

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Taline said...

Love the photo! Old friends are amazing. It's so great that you've maintained this friendship.