Monday, July 08, 2013

I'm in a New York State of Mind...

After four trips to New York City in the winter, I finally visited the city in the summertime! This was also the first time since 2001 that I have visited entirely as a tourist, with nothing work-related to do.
Angie and I had planned on staying at her apartment, but luckily Kyle let us stay with him. (In addition to the fact that he has furniture at the moment, he also lives in a super luxurious high rise in midtown. See pictures of his view? Yeah, pretty awesome.)

Angie, Kyle, and I took the ferry from Hoboken to Manhattan on Friday afternoon and settled in to his place for the evening. We ordered sushi and enjoyed the amenities of his place, which included games of pool and basketball. (I'm pretty much Michael Jordon, right?) I could definitely get used to living in a place like his!

Future all-stars right here!
On Saturday we headed out to try our luck at the Book of Mormon lottery. While we didn't win tickets, Angie and I decided we wanted to say a Broadway show anyway. Based on Chris's recommendation, we bought tickets for The Nance.

Nathan Lane delivered!! It was an incredible show that had Angie and me totally hyped up on musicals. This meant that Angie and I were motivated enough to hang out in the "standing room only" line at Book of Mormon. Since we had been thwarted before, I knew well enough to count the number of people in line (plus tickets they were each buying) to see if we would have a shot at tickets. We were right before the cut-off, so we decided to try our luck. The advantage of these types of tickets is that first, they are actually available, second, they are only $27, and third, despite having to stand the views of the show are excellent. Kyle came and joined us, and after 2.5 hours of patience we got tickets. Wahoo!!

We grabbed a beer nearby before the show, and then proceeded to laugh like crazy for over two hours. I admit that I wasn't sure what to expect from this show. All I knew was that Trey Parker and Matt Stone (Southpark) joined forces with the Avenue Q songwriter to write a story about Mormon missionaries. It was offensive sure, but it was hilarious. I highly recommend it! (Just no kids. Trust me.) After dinner we went to a hip Thai food restaurant (that doubled as a club I think? Crazy New York.) By the time we were done, it was midnight and I was done.

Sunday morning started with a trip to one of my most favorite places on earth... the Museum of Modern Art! Fun fact: In high school and college, my dream job was to be the marketing director of the MOMA. We spent a few hours in the museum before heading to view the "Rain Room." We opted for viewing (10 minute wait) versus experiencing (6 hour wait) and were quite happy with that decision.

The rest of the day was spent shopping around Fifth Avenue. With Angie gone, I don't have anyone left to offer fashion guidance or veto powers while shopping. So I decided to get her help while I could, still keeping my mission of not buying anything unless I needed it. Luckily I could justify everything I purchased and the day was a success. We decided to grill at Kyle's for dinner and take it easy. Overall a great day.

So goes my weekend in New York City. It was so great to have a final big weekend with Angie, who has been one of my best friends since starting the MBA program. Until our next adventure...

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