Friday, July 26, 2013

San Diego Zoo Highlights

Live from my vacation in San Diego...San Diego Zoo pictures!!!  But before I begin, I want to say that the SDZ was incredible in terms of customer service and accessibility. Combine that with the most immense array of animals in a wildly (get it!!) fantastic park, I can't imagine a better zoo.  I remember being amazed back in 2011... and this visit topped it.

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera so my poor iphone pictures will have to do. Doh.
Sleepy Bear

Look up in the tree! It's the Sun Bear maxin' and relaxin'.

I spot a spotted leopard!

It was a Happy Hump Day. Hehehe.

Thing Mr. Elephant is excited for some food?

The lion sleeps tonight.

Playful polar bear.

Think she would want to come swim in our pool?

Baby giraffe! She was 6 feet tall when she was born, and fell right out of her mama. Oh Nature.

It's Sam & June!!! Except that Sam isn't quite doing her job.

Perhaps the most chill animal in the zoo.

It takes years for baby flamingos to turn pink. So cute!

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