Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ode to the Internet - Day Three

This morning our internet repairmen came to fix the internet (or wifi as they call it here.) And then... internet was back. Glorious glorious connectivity to the world. Good timing, as Joe & I are ready to do our European Vacation #2, and we hadn't planned a thing.

After about 3 hours figuring out flights, train schedules, hotels, etc.... we have booked the following itenerary:
Barcelona --> fly to Budapest --> train to Vienna --> train to Munich --> train to Strasbourg --> train go Lyon --> fly to Barcelona. 

The last parts are tentative, so we are open to whatever comes up. However, this is not a bad plan and if it works out then I will be very happy.

In Barcelona news, Joe & I only left to print our boarding passes at an Internet Cafe, walk around La Boqueria, grab some Wok and Walk on Las Ramblas, and hit the grocery store for dinner. It's amazing how we already know our way around this place - at least the immediate area. It already is feeling like home. :)


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