Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Vacation Leg Four: Strasbourg!!!

Leg Four: Strasbourg!

Strasbourg - or Capital of Noel - is the most magical Christmas city in the world. If there is one more magical, I'd be very surprised. (And then I would want to go there immediately.)

We came across Strasbourg after watching a House Hunters International about the city.  Then my all-things-France friend Lauren convinced us come.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Lauren. I shall begin with some pictures that can in no way capture the essence of this city and its TWELVE Christmas markets.

It's just delightful, isn't it?!  But there is even more to the city than Christmas.  It had some of the most beautiful churches that I have ever seen, including one that is Joe's new favorite.  The main cathedral is the Strasbourg Cathedral. It towers across the city. It is splendid both inside and out.  One of my favorite parts was the astronomical clock inside, and another favorite was the stained glass windows.

This is a church I could have stayed in for hours, just absorbing the details. If I ever go back to Strasbourg, I will definitely go see the clock at noon, when it does its show.

We also explored St. Pierre-Le-Jeune, which as I said is now Joe's favorite. There was something magical about this church, and the fact that we could explore so much of it made it that much more engaging.  I'd love to go back to this one too.

We ended up staying an extra day in Strasbourg because we couldn't get a train ticket to Lyon, which had been our original intention.  I was actually really happy we wound up with an extra day, because it really is just a charming place.  We were able to walk through the whole interior city, finding random bits of fun - like these statues inside a bridge- along the way.

The only bad part was that my French is, well, not. And therefore ordering from a menu in a restaurant where the waiter does not speak English is a problem. I think the picture is worth more than my words. This was probably five minutes after the plate arrived, and my face is still crimson.
 As you can tell, we adored this city. I highly recommend it. Thanks again, Lauren!

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