Thursday, February 14, 2013

Free Tuesday #6: On Wednesday

My "Tourist Tuesdays" are morphing into "maybe I want to be lazy today, plus I am running out of touristy things to do!" In truth, I spent Tuesday going to the gym, having lunch at Nakashito with Joe/James/Kristin, planning a trip to Portugal, then having a few drinks at En Aparte'. Not bad, but not exactly touristy.  So my tourism was pushed back to Wednesday afternoon. (thanks to a cancelled geopolitics class!)

I want to ask... what do all of the images below have in common?

If you guessed that all of these paintings are works by Pablo Picasso AND that they reside in the Picasso Museum AND that I got to see them yesterday... you are correct!  Aren't they splendid?

This museum is definitely a highlight of Barcelona. It is small enough to be manageable, with works that demonstrate his pure artistic talent from his earliest years, and works that show how he developed various styles over the first part of his life.  There is even a tremendous section of his interpretations of Velazquez's Las Meninas which are just incredible. 

I have been saving this museum because I knew I would love it. Luckily I was right.  I have an even great appreciation for Picasso after visiting.  I must say, being in Europe has really re-sparked my appreciation for and interest in art.


MW said...

i only like one of them. i assume you can guess which one.

Here's an idea. Tourist Tuesday should only be spoken in spanish. if you can't say it in spanish you don't say it at all.

Taline said...

hey! I may have to visit this museum when you need a break from me...

JohnF said...

Have you been to the Dali museum yet. I once did the Dali museum in Figueres as a day trip on the train from Barcelona.

erin said...

Hey John - we are planning on doing a Costa Brava trip in 2 weekends! :)