Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Travel Monster!

Being on exchange, it's entirely expected that I should be traveling as much as possible.  I didn't realize it until Jen pointed out that in the past three weekends, I have been to Madrid, Marrakesh, Berlin, and Prague! 

But I admit... I am really looking forward to an easy weekend in Barcelona where I can get ahead on some school work, go for some runs and/or to the gym, watch some recommended movies from my Philosophy professor, and sleep in as late as I want without feeling like I am missing something!

Then Joe comes on Sunday!!! (quiet but giant jumps of joy!)

And then we start all over again! Thinking towards the future: Portugal, Normandy, Bordeaux (booked!), Costa Brava road trip, Basque Country....  There is just so much to see!!!!!!!

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