Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Part-Time Travel Agent

It's hard to keep all the upcoming travel straight! So, why not make a list right?

February 22-25: Portugal with Joe (one day in Porto, two days in Lisbon)

March 2-3: Costa Brava Trip still in planning

March 8-10: Bordeaux, France with Lauren, Angie, Julie, and Jen

March 14-23: Taline comes!!!! and.... from March 19-21 we are going to Seville!

March 23-25: Bilbao and San Sebastian with Joe

March 26-31: Normandy for 4 nights and Paris for 1 night with Joe

April 4: Angie comes!!!!

April 6-8: Nothing... but I feel like Granada might be an option

April 10-13: Joe's parents come to Barcelona

April 13ish: Angie & I start our European Adventure!!

May 14th: Fly back to Dallas

May 15th: Fly back to Austin

May 17th: Graduate from McCombs!

and then....

Spanish Immersion in Equador, Costa Rica, or some other adventure....

Phew!!!  I swear I spent half of my days on booking.com and staring dreamily at the Eurail Train Map.  By the time I start work, I imagine I will be staring dreamily at this blog so I better make sure it's full of awesome stuff!


Anonymous said...

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Samantha Jones said...

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