Sunday, January 06, 2013

Cavacalda de Reis - Three Kings Parade

Happy Three Kings Day from Barcelona! Before we get to the excitement, a few pictures of the day yesterday.  First, Joe & I wandered around the city in search of coffee and a croissant.  We opted to got to the little cafe nearby our house, which happened to be the very first place we went in Barcelona. We then made our way into the Born neighborhood and returned to my favorite church - Santa Maria del Mar - to sip hot chocolate outside.  I LOVE this element of Europe so much.

From there, we headed back to the apartment to let Jen in! Yay Jen is here!!!  Then we headed to a yummy turkish restaurant in Barceloneta before going to watch the kings come in from the sea.
So we actually got bored at this point as this part was really meant for kids, and headed back to drink with Jen on our balcony. But then we headed back out to and went to my new friend Jeff's apartment to watch the famous parade. He lives on the sixth floor and thus afforded us a phenomenal view.  We missed out on all of the candy thrown out by the floats, but we were rewarded with space and Estrella Dam instead.
So, can you guess what my favorite float was? (Hint... THERE WAS A ROBOT COMING OUT OF A UFO!!! A ROBOT!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!)

This is a horrible shot, but it does somewhat capture the sheer number of people and the excitement of the parade. To me, at least.  I think the entire city was out watching the parade, which lasted for what seemed like an hour. Definitely the biggest parade I've seen.
From there, James & Kristin joined us for dinner and a bit too much wine. But that's what life is about here, right?  I sadly said goodbye to Joe this morning as he heads back to vacation in Austin with the puppies for a bit. I am taking it easy today as everything is basically closed to celebrate Three Kings Day.

Tomorrow I start school, and a new adventure begins!

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