Friday, January 11, 2013

Travel Planning!

First, a few of you have emailed me telling me you like my blogging. Thank you! Those emails make me very happy and also more motivated to keep at it!

I have about 20 minutes before our new friend Melissa is coming over for some vino, and then we are heading to an ESADE TGIF event.  So, I shall take this opportunity to share my exciting travel plans!

Next weekend, James/Kristin/Jen and I are going to Madrid! The highlights: Reina Sophia, the Prado, Goya's Tomb, and maybe the Royal Palace? Also the plan is to meet up with two of Soll's friends - and if they are even half as wonderful as Soll I am in for a treat!

The following weekend: Moracco!!! We're planning it tonight, but tentatively we fly to Marrakesh and perhaps day trip to Casablanca? Again, I know nothing about this country so we have planning to do!

The second weekend in March: Bordeaux!!! I get to see Angie/Lauren/Julie and enjoy some wine & chateaus!

After that: Taline comes to visit!!! Which means tons of Barcelona "to-do" items. So excited for her visit and to share the city with her.

And then Angie comes to stay with us! And after face-timing with her about an hour ago, she has come up with some of the most insane/wonderful plans for April 15-May 14.  Sneak preview: anywhere from Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Croatia, and the Amalfi Coast are on the potential list!

Lastly, Joe just got the "YES!" to return to Barcelona! I am thrilled about this, obviously. :)  We just need to work out some details for our dogs, but otherwise I'm hoping it's an easy return.  (BTW - does anyone want a freaking adorable yet skiddish German shepherd mix for 2 months? Anyone? Yes?! Okay wonderful - please shoot me an email!)

By the way - I have a mini Spring Break. I am accepting visitors from last week of January to first week February. If you have interest in Berlin & Prague, this could be the perfect trip for you!

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Taline said...

I'll be there in two months! CANNOT WAIT!