Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The first 48 hours...

Joe really likes that show "The First 48 Hours..." and it made a good heading for this post.  I hate thinking of post titles sometimes.

Anyway, I'm taking it easy today. After a really nice day yesterday spent meandering around the city and followed by a New Years Day Chilean dinner at Hugo, I was wiped out. Travel is catching up with me, I think. I barely slept and I've felt off all day.  Joe & I went to the Barcelona Cathedral and the Barcelona History Museum. It was exciting to enter the Cathedral that is minutes away from my place, and as a bonus it is free in the mornings.  It was gorgeous, with artwork ranging from the 1400's to 1945. I want to go back many more times and see more.  The museum was okay - it was largely the original city of Barcino, comprised of 4000 square meters of Roman excavation. I suppose I am culturally supposed to think it was fascinating, but for me it was just okay.  It does make one wonder how a cities can exist beneath cities, and why.  Overall a worthwhile trip but not one I would go back to as I'm not just that in to archeology.

We also have a wonderful market close by called Mercat de Santa Caterina. A smaller, less touristy version of La Boqueria. With a freaking COOL roof, by the way. If only I knew how to cook!! I'm looking forward to going back and actually purchasing things and sitting at one of the tapas bars.

Since Joe is now working remotely, meaning he works from 3pm to midnight at our kitchen table, I am on my own in the afternoons. I headed to a nearby gym to consider my options of countering all the beer, wine, bread and tapas. I found a nice one, and I'm trying to determine if I really want to join or not. I said I would go back this afternoon and do a workout, but instead I came back and took a nap until 8pm. I vow to go tomorrow and test it. (This is my accountability.) It is a beautiful gym, with classes and a pool too.  On the other hand, running around the city is free. Except that I can't run much lately due to being completely unfit and also my stupid painful flaring feet. I digress... I am going to check out the gym tomorrow. 

Otherwise I'm trying to justify taking it easy today. I will go explore more tomorrow. For now I want my headache to go away and to be able to sleep tonight. Potentials for tomorrow: La Boqueria, Picasso Museum, Parc de la Ciutadella.  Oh, and start working on my ESADE classes - the material is coming in!

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