Thursday, April 04, 2013

Barcelona's (Underrated) Museums: MEAM & CaixaForum

A wanted to dedicate a quick post to two of Barcelona's museums which in my opinion are very underrated. The first is the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM). From their website:

The MEAM is currentlly located at the Gomis Palace, in the middle of the streets of the Born in Barcelona, a neighborhood where culture is always present and reflects the charm of the old part of the city, an area that knew how to mix tradition and modernity, becoming a requiered visit for the tourits interested in the Monumental Barcelona.

The MEAM is different from other Contemporary Art museums because it houses living artists who created Figurative Art. These artworks are hardly seen in other museums, collections or entities, to whom the word Contemporary is identified by experiment and abstraction.
I went to this museum twice and loved it each time. The second time I went was to also see a great jazz band play in the gallery. It was one of my favorite Barcelona experiences.  Below are a few of my favorites...

The quotes were also a highlight.

And lastly, here is a shot of the performance. Splendid!
The next museum (event space?) is the CaixaForum, which I visited three times. Funded by the Caixa bank, this space has rotating exhibitions in multiple gallery areas as well as talks, events, etc. (I also went to the CaixaForum in Madrid and also loved it there.)  The space is just cool. I can't really think of another better fitting word, really. Outside there are teenagers practicing dance moves in front of the windows.  Inside there is a ton of light and interesting architecture. And the exhibits are free! From their website:
CaixaForum offers a wide range of events with a broad appeal: exhibitions of ancient, modern and contemporary art, which make CaixaForum one of Barcelona's most dynamic, active and vibrant venues. Exhibitions devoted to international artists, together with concerts, film screenings, debates and lectures, performing-arts events, sessions about literature and contemporary thought, multimedia art and family activities make the old factory a key attraction.
The first time I went to the CaixaForum was to see a photo exhibit recommended by my Philosophy professor. The second time was to take Taline the day before the marathon.  The third time was to watch a performance by the guest speaker (dancer) who came to one of our Philosophy classes.  My favorite piece was the wall of wish bands, in which the artist encouraged the visitors to take a wish and wear it.

I think I would put these two museums, thanks largely to their exhibits and largely to the space, at the top of my museum favorite list.  They are not the museums you will find listed at the top of tourist attractions, and perhaps for that I love them even more.  If you get the chance to visit either while in Barcelona, I obviously recommend them both!


scott davidson said...

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