Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tourist Tuesday: Girona!

I believe this is my last "Tourist Tuesday" post, because starting Saturday I will be a full-time, 7-days-a-week tourist, and no longer living in Barcelona. Cue the sad face....

The good news is that I spent my last Tourist Tuesday in Girona, Spain with Angie! Unfortunately Joe couldn't join us due to the whole "I have a job and make a living" thing.  (Perhaps he should consider grad school? It's a great way to ignore that reality!) But due to Jen's glowing review of Girona, Angie and I decided we had to go.
Picture-perfect Girona, north of Barcelona

Girona is often most known for being an inconvenient spot that RyanAir flies out of. In other words, check your RyanAir itinerary before you fly to make sure you don't have to travel 1.5 hours outside of Barcelona! But more so, it is  a beautiful town filled with Roman ruins, a Jewish quarter, Michelin restaurants, and pretty buildings.  You can reach it via a 37 minute train (for $$$) or via a 1.5 hour intercity train for much cheaper. Or... if you are traveling by Eurail Pass, you can go to Barcelona Sants and activate your pass, and then ride for free! Or, the price of a Eurail Pass. Give or take. This was the approach A & I took, and we were glad to get the pass activated in a relatively stress-free setting when we weren't pressed for time.
Upon arriving in Girona, we went to the tourist office, got a map, and made our way through Old Town before deciding it was time to eat. Exploring was so fun because there were surprises around nearly every corner!
Angie looks darling in her "a"...

I, of course, look ridiculous trying to make an "e" out of a "c."

Ah-hah moment: After four months in Spain, I finally understand the difference in the flags!
After lunch we explored most of the old Roman walls, starting in the North near the John Lennon garden and making our way back down south.  The walls are about two kilometers long and offer great views of the city.

After this trek, we went to Rocambolesc for gelato. Lastly we stopped at La Vienesa for some pastries to bring back to Joe.
Gelato from the chefs of a Michelin 3-Star Restaurant? Well okay!

While this might not sound like the most fascinating day trip, I must say that Girona was a darling town.  Like I said earlier, each corner we turned was a nice surprise, whether a staircase, a garden, a church, or a cute square. It was so much fun to explore the city, and I am so thankful we made the trip to visit. I also am feeling really good about my explorations in Spain, and this was the perfect capstone city to leave Barcelona with a huge amount of Spanish adoration.
Bye Girona! We loved you!
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Taline said...
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Taline said...

This post makes me think of Jen telling us about her day there. I'm so glad you got to visit. Miss you, friend!