Sunday, April 07, 2013

Exchange Adventures: Mallorca!

Thursday was such an exciting day because Angie finally arrived! Which meant, of course, that we needed to immediately leave for another adventure.  We were debating between seeing the Alahambra in Granada and having a relaxing sunny time in Mallorca... and Mallorca won.  (Having spent the past few weeks in dreary Brussels, Amsterdam, and London, Angie was in need of some sun.)

We flew out to Palma on Friday morning and easily found our way to the Hotel Continental. Upon arriving, we asked the front desk "What do we do?" because we hadn't planned a thing. He provided us with a map and off we went!

First stop was the Cathedral, which is surprisingly massive and is visible from all over the city.  The highlights were the gorgeous stained glass windows that created splotches of colors throughout the church, the Gaudi-designed Bishop's crown, and a chapel designed by Miquel Barcelo which is hands down the craziest design I have seen in a church.  The theme was inspired by the "Loaves and Fishes" and is filled with fish coming out of the walls, a line of skulls, and Resurrected Christ - all in 3D.

From there we walked around the area, admired this Miro mural, and headed down to the beach. By the way, Miro lived in Mallorca and his influence is everywhere on the island. Which meant I was pretty happy whenever I was able to spot it!
Next was a delicious lunch at a random restaurant, which was highlighted by Angie & I laughing at a woman who ran smack into the exit door.  Of course, upon leaving, I ran smack into the exit door and Angie couldn't stop laughing at me.   Things turned worse when I got impaled by this house! Hehe.

Okay, so I was feeling goofy. But I don't think neither of us could stop laughing for a good five minutes. We managed to stop long enough to wander around the Modern Art Museum, which was rebuilt on the city's run-down fortress.  While we both had agreed that we were "museumed-out," the exhibit was actually pretty cool. Miro paintings and Picasso ceramics were highlights, but also some random art like these funny rats were great. 

For dinner, we decided to try a place called "Wineing" where we could test all sorts of wines using a keycard.  It was awesome, at least until I got really tired and wanted to go home.  I guess I needed sleep because I proceeded to sleep for a good eleven hours!

The next morning we wanted to visit Soller and Port de Soller, mainly to see a different part of the island and to go hiking! Unfortunately, the weather was not interested in helping that plan.  We managed to get on the tram to Soller, and another to Port de Soller, but upon arriving we agreed that it was freezing, we were under-dressed, and we were no longer interested in being outside. So we did some modest sightseeing and took an early tram back. And now... pictures!

Psych! The sun was there for just a few seconds! But even so, Port de Soller is pretty beautiful, eh?
Angie rejoicing in the tiny spot of sunlight!

The town was very pretty, and obviously very busy, and also very very cold.

Not the most exciting day, but we made the most of it.  I admit, I was happy to get back early, pick up a one euro bottle of Spanish wine, and spend the rest of the afternoon watching Ellen YouTube videos, laugh-cry with Angie, and then settle into a book. I wanted relaxing? I got relaxing!
Wine is only 1 euro!!!! You see why I love Spain so much?!!
Luckily the sun came back out on Sunday and we were able to trek to the Castle Bellver.  There was some sort of festival going on (or maybe they do it every weekend?) so we danced a bit, wandered around, and enjoyed the views from the castle - which is a circle!  This took most of our day, so after enjoying some gelato on the way back, we grabbed our bags and headed to the airport.

So many pretty boats! I decided that mine shall be called "Mr. Roboato"

I think had the weather been better, we would have had more exciting things to do. But as it stands, the weekend was exactly what I wanted. Relaxing and easy, without pressure to sight see or be anywhere.  And Angie is so much fun to travel with.  It is almost uncanny how she will say exactly what I am thinking or burst into the song I've had running through my head.  I know we are in for some amazing adventures and laughs ahead!

PS. Angie says it better here!

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