Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eurotrip: Prague

Angie and I took the five hour train to Prague on Friday, although it wasn't quite as luxurious as our Copenhagen-->Berlin train. We actually had to share a section with others! Gasp! Anyway, we got to Prague and found our way to the hotel. Luckily Angie was patient as I seemed to make us go in circles and probably double our walking time. We arrived, dropped off our stuff, and both agreed that we were feeling particularly lame. Therefore, we decided to find a nearby restaurant, try some Czech beer and food, and call it a night. We had great plans to run around the city early the next morning and needed the rest.

Unfortunately, rest did not come as neither of us really slept. Plus it was a chilly, rainy day and neither of us could find any motivation to run. After taking advantage of the breakfast buffet, we instead headed out to see the city. Since I'd been in February, it was all familiar and I didn't take too many pictures. Here are the ones I did take.

First, a statue of Winston Churchill. Not exactly sure his relation to Prague - I'll need to look that up. It was conveniently located outside the British Embassy.

The steps leading up to Prague Castle. This was the last time we would have a bit of space around us...

Once we reached the castle and cathedral, there were too many people. Both Angie and I were getting overwhelmed at not being able to move, so we quickly walked around and then made our escape.

We headed to St. Norbert for some of my favorite beer in Europe.

Next we headed back to Old Town via the Charles Bridge. So many people!!!
Angie was so sick of the crowds that she preferred hanging out with this rooster.
I made sure to appropriately hype up the clock in Town Square.
I also made sure to hype up getting a cheap massage. Unfortunately, there were too many people and we couldn't get an appointment. Oh well, we at least got a cheesy picture!
Back to Old Town Square we went...

So let me be honest. I didn't particularly like Prague on my first visit. But I definitely thought it was worth another chance. Unfortunately, I might have liked Prague even less on my second visit. This town, in my opinion, has completely succumbed to tourists and is far less charming than often described. I'm still glad we went as Angie hadn't been before, but I would be very surprised if I go back again. (At least as a tourist.)

Next stop: overnight train to Krakow, Poland!


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