Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eurotrip: Krakow Street Art

One of the things I love about various cities in Europe is the street art. It's always fun to be walking down a street and come across a massive mural or a little patch of art. Krakow had some great stuff.
Angie & I saw this mural while walking to the Schindler factory. I'm really not sure what is going on here, but I love the megaphone/bell combination.
This one I loved of course. No explanation needed.
I love how a stencil can produce such beautiful art. Only one color, but so much emotion here.

The bunny was a theme around Krakow. I love everything going on here. Why is the whale pushing a shopping cart? Is he buying the sun? What is happening?!

Love this bunny!

While not street art, is a sign we came across outside a church. We surmised that it basically meant you can't have any fun whatsoever.
And lastly, while not technically street art, was my favorite piece of public art. Dzok, the dog, the most faithful canine friend. The story of Dzok was so touching and just proves that dogs are the best! Look at those eyes and that paw!!


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Taline said...

These are fun. And I especially enjoyed seeing your smiling face having fun. Journey on, sweet friend!